Please be in prayer for this mission opportunities throughout our beloved city as we seek to CONNECT our CITY with GOD through a personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST.  We will need a number of volunteers for each event as we are expecting 300 plus at each event.

Power Prayer Meetings

Held on the 1st Wednesday Night of Each Month - These are special nights in which our church body engages in intentional prayer for ourselves, our church, our community, our city, our state, our nation, and the world.  Everyone is welcome to attend as our doors are always open!  

Pray on the 7's

2018 Prayer Power Emphasis - WBC daily prayer challenge is to stop and pray at 7 am & 7 PM daily; spending 5 minutes praising God, 5 minutes praying for our personal family and friends, and 5 minutes praying for the ministries of WBC.  I dare you, accept the challenge and pray!  Your life might be the one that is transformed the most!

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The WBC Call to Prayer highlights five areas of prayer. This will be our first prayer emphasis of the 2018 year here at Westmont and an on-going focus on prayer.  Special Prayer Cards will be placed inside the bulletin during the month of January to help encourage and promote a strategic powerful prayer movement among our church family.  We are encouraging our church body and others to focus on these specific highlights daily during their personal prayer time throughout 2018:

1. My Family. Select a family member who is unchurched or without Christ and pray that they would come to faith in Christ.


2.  My Community. Select a friend, neighbor, or colleague and pray that they would come to faith in Christ.


3. My Church. Select a specific area of ministry in your church, such as a small group or age-graded ministry, and ask the Lord to use it to engage the lost with the Gospel.


4. My Nation. Select an elected national leader or a Send North America city and pray for the salvation of the leader or the church planting efforts in that area.


5. My World. Select an unreached people group and pray that the Gospel would be advanced among these people.

6. My Pastor.  Prayer for Pastor Cline, his family, and his personal walk with Christ.  Pray for fruit, spiritual victory, and for Pastor to be salt and light in our area. Pray for God's vision and direction to be revealed clearly to Pastor Cline.

7. Myself.  Pray for yourself asking the Holy Spirit to search you and reveal specific areas that need to be spiritually strengthen.  Pray for a clear understanding of His plan and purpose for your life and how you need to be using His spiritual gifts in the ministry.