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SNAC Youth Meetings

SNAC (Saturday Night At the Cline's) Youth Night is a evening filled with food, fellowship, fun, & a short simple bible study geared toward middle and high school students.  Everyone is invited to these gatherings and we encourage our youth to bring friends, especially those who are not attending a church of their own.  The regular pizza, pop, popcorn, and parents (youth volunteers) will be present at most meetings.  Please check the bulletin for the monthly activity and potential schedule change.    

New Believer/New Member Class

This is a class especially designed for individuals who have joined or wish to join our church family, especially those who are moving from another denomination which may be very different.  This class is designed to introduce the class to:

1) The doctrine of salvation,

2) Growing in one's faith,

3) How to study the Bible,

4) You and Ministry,

5) Spiritual Gifts,

6) Who Am I,

7) Sharing one's faith,

8) Our Church, and

9) Questions you have been dying to ask.  


This class is required before full membership is granted into our church family and Pastor Cline encourages all members to take this class every few years as a refresher.

GROW 101, 201, 301, and 401 Classes

Grow Classes have been designed by Pastor Cline to help new and prospective members learn about who we are as Southern Baptist, what we believe, how they have been uniquely gifted for ministry, and various other topics.  There are four classes which are taught at various times throughout the year.  Please check the bulletin or events page for dates and times these classes are being offered.  All guest, members are encouraged to enroll in these classes.

On-Campus Groups

Ms. Sherrill Koontz's connect group is a ladies only group that meets every Sunday morning at 9:30 am.  This group uses the "Master Work" series curriculum from Lifeway for their study.   

Pastor Cline leads a co-ed group of individuals on Wednesday nights, beginning at 6:30 PM, through various books of the Bible.  The class votes to choose the next book in the Bible or Pastor Cline will make recommendations to the class.  

Off-Campus Groups

The Cline's Connect Group meets at their home on Thursday nights at 7:00 PM.  This is a co-ed group of middle aged adults who desire to grow in fellowship with each other and their Lord Jesus.  They use various curricula throughout the year to study and grow in their relationship with the Lord Jesus and one another.  Currently, this group is engaged in a Bible Study on the Old Testament book of Exodus.  

Student Groups

Children's Connect Group meets on Sunday Morning at 9:30 am and is taught by Miss Bethany Cline.  She will be using Lifeway's Bible Studies For Life curriculum in this class.  

Youth Connect Group also meets on Sunday Morning at 9:30 and is taught by Mrs. Jennifer Litzinger.  She utilizes the "Thru the Bible" curriculum from Lifeway.

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Here at Westmont Baptist, it is our ultimate goal to have a CONNECT GROUP in every Ward, Borough, and neighborhood in Johnstown.  CONNECT groups are groups of 8 to 12 people who meet weekly for fellowship, bible study, praise, ministry, and mission with the goal of reaching out in their specific neighborhoods and multiplying the impact of the gospel here in Johnstown. Classes are offered in stewardship, marriage, parenting, leadership, discipleship, apologetic's, prayer, worship, and general book studies.  We see our CONNECT GROUPS  as powerful extensions of our church body where people can cozily  CONNECT with GOD, PEOPLE, and SERVICE.














“Connection”  Technology and social media have allowed people all around the world to stay connected in ways we never thought possible.  At Westmont Baptist, we have seen the desire  and need for people to be connected.  It is our passion to have people connect here, and we accomplish this through CONNECT GROUPS.  It is our desire that everyone here grow and develop three intimate connections:


CONNECT with Christ/GOD:

· A personal relationship with His Son Jesus Christ

· Being under teaching and preaching of Biblical Truth.

· Personal Devotions and Life Applications


CONNECT with Community/PEOPLE:

· Those inside the church—fellowship

· Those outside the church—evangelism

· Through personally sharing their faith story

  & the gospel with others

· Through church-wide service projects and events



· Through finding and developing spiritual gift(s).

· By using their gifts to serve God, Church, and others

· Through missions—local, state, national, and global


We have CONNECT GROUPS for all ages and stages of life here at Westmont.  Some meet on campus while others meet at homes, business, or coffee shops throughout the week.  We want everyone who attends Westmont Baptist to become an active member of a CONNECT GROUP community.  It doesn’t matter if you are a first time guest or a long standing member—please visit any of our CONNECT GROUPS and find the right "Connection" for you!

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