Our Jerusalem - Johnstown PA

Coming to a Community Near You - Summer 2020!

During the months of June, July, and September, we will be partnering with the Johnstown Neighborhood Boosters Association and other local churches to bring a block party near you.  A wonderful afternoon of food, fun, games, and music for the whole family.  ​Check out this website for more info on times and locations throughout Johnstown:  https://johnstownblockparty.com


The Jonah Bag Project is a ministry in which our congregation goes out and fills a guest bag up with enough non-perishable food for 3 days.  The Pastor and staff have the privilage of passing these special bags of food blessings to families in our community who are in need.  Each bag is as different and unique as the families who assembled the contents.  In order to receive a Jonah Bag, someone in the family will need to call or stop by during regular hours and fill out an application or you may go to the contact tab and submit your request today.      

The Martha & Mary Homeless House - Westmont Baptist Church has partnered with the Martha & Mary Homeless House in Dale which will be calling and utilizing our Jonah Bag Ministry as new families arrive at the house on an as needs basis.  Again, WBC simply trying to Connect our neighbors here in Johnstown to God, Community, and Service!  

Mark 16 Ministries - Our church family has partnered with this ministry in our area and agreed to oversee the meal purchase, preparation, service, and message on the 5th Thursdays throughout the year. This is a ministry to many folks in the downtown area who are in need of a meal, ministry, caring relationships, and somewhere safe to hear the gospel.  Therefore, on our designated Thursday nights, beginning at 6:30 PM, our church family will provide a simple meal, serve the meal, and do a brief Bible study with all in attendance.  Another simple way that our church family is connecting with the families in Johnstown to help connect them to God, Community, and Service.    

Because the Wards and Burroughs of Johnstown are our Home, we also give and support several local ministries in our area.  We invite you and your family to come and get connected to God, Community, and Service.  Please, come and be our guest this coming Sunday.

During the month of October, our church strives to collect 500 plus cans of non-perishable food to donate to local food banks in the area to help alleviate families who are famished in our area for whatever reason.  In this wealthy country, no one should be without food, especially the children in our area.  During this month, we also collect donations for the "World Hunger Fund" which in return is used to help alleviate hunger around the world.