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our Judea and samaria

Our Church Family has partnered with the Conemaugh Valley Baptist Association, the Pennsylvania South Jersey Baptist State Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention.  This partnership has helped us become more informed and involved in ministries that we, by ourselves, could not do.  Partnering together with thousands of churches and volunteers across the county has enabled our small congregation to be a part of some big ministries.  There truly is power in cooperation, partnerships, and unity!  

Because of our Partnership with the Conemaugh Valley Baptist Association, our students have the opportunity to attend Summer Bible Camp here in the area.  Camp usually runs from Sunday Afternoon till the following Friday.  August is camp time for us here at Westmont, as we want to allow families to get their vacations in and not compete with similar ministries and community events in the area.  As soon as 2020 dates  and costs are nailed down, they will be posted. 

Send Relief Christmas Backpacks

     For the 17.3 million children in the United States affected by poverty, Christmas does not always come with the promise of gifts—or even a Christmas meal. Every day is more about survival than celebration. But you can help change that. Five hundred thousand of those children live in Appalachia, and an additional 600,000 live in the Mississippi Delta.  Mississippi River Ministry and Appalachian Regional Ministry work with more than 450 compassion ministry sites and church plants across 18 states to deliver backpacks filled with necessities, along with lots gifts and goodies, to impoverished children at Christmas time. Not only do these children receive physical gifts, they also receive a copy of the Christmas story and an opportunity to join the Mailbox club—an age-appropriate Bible study by mail.  Click HERE for more information on how you can get involved with this awesome ministry in your area.



Southern Baptist Disaster Relief is a hands-on ministry provided by trained members of local churches to those affected by disasters of every kind.  Our mission is to represent Jesus by bringing His help, healing, and hope to individuals and communities beset by the crisis, chaos, and confusion of natural and man-made calamity.

Here at Westmont, our church family is honored to be apart of this wonderful ministry.  We have a Disaster Relief Team within our local Conemaugh Valley Baptist Association which is apart of the Pennsylvania South Jersey State Convention.  Pastor Cline serves as the member of the National Long Term Rebuild Committee of the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief ministry which partners with 42 State Conventions to respond to disasters when and where they occur.  We have feeding units, recovery trailers, mud-out trailers, chain saw trailers, fuel trailers, and shower trailers housed throughout the state. Pastor Cline is highly involved in this ministry and constantly challenges the church body to donate during a special week during the year to Disaster Relief ministries.  Unfortunately disasters have one big problem, disaster's never occur when it is convenient.  Therefore, please be in prayer for more laborers who will be ready with a few days notice to answer the call to GO! 


Disaster Relief, Flood Relief, and Food Relief buckets are used throughout the year by our Southern Baptist Disaster Relief teams throughout the United States.  We have chosen to have these bucket drives periodically throughout the year.  Many of us may not be able to go physically, but we can be a tremendous help by providing these buckets for those who are able to go and those in need!  We may not be able to do much, but we will do what we can because "little is much when God is in it!" 

Baptist Builders of Pennsylvania/South Jersey Mission Statement: Baptist Builders exists to assist local congregations with their construction needs. This may include some or all of the planning, construction and occupancy phases.  Again, our church body is grateful and honored to be associated with this fine group of men and women who serve throughout our state helping with construction needs.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact our church office at 814-255-3321 or email us at


Again, Pastor Cline is very involved in all of these ministries and is working hard to establish a Southwestern Baptist Builders team within our state.  Pastor Cline continues to encourage our church Body to take advantage of this ministry partnership with the goal of eventually having an active Baptist Builders Team within our church body over the next five years.  

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